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NASK PLASTIC. Established in 2021 is having the manufacturing facilities of 10000 m2; Leading Manufacturer of Industrial Waste Bins in the middle East. Our manufacturing unit adheres to specified norms as per the industries requiring conditions to manufacture high standard quality products by Using of hi-tech robotic technology to handle the Products in a sequired way. Our Products are240 L,360,1100 L Waste Bins, Plastic Pallet in various colors by HDPE material using Injection Molding Technology from Haitian and it compiles all the requirements of EN-840 Standards.

We convert Polymers to the tune of 9000 Tons per annum and we have built an in-house testing laboratory to maintain the standers of high-quality products manufacturing. The testing facility also enables us to cater to customize requirements and develop new design of products. We at Suhail Plastic are always focused on service to our customers.

We work with customers like partners to build long term relationship that result in success for our customers and ourselves and with the customer-first approach, we have developed process and systems that enables us to achieve fast turn-around time from design to delivery, solve customer grievances on priority and create pleasant post sales experience.

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The group boasts a collective metal production capacity of over 100,000 metric tons per year a collective plastic production capacity of over 10,000 metric tons per year. ‚Äč